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UET Peshawar Team Topped the list of Researcher Universities– To Visit USA

UET Peshawar topped the list of leading academic institutions involved in research and was selected to be among the top five out of the 50 teams that participated in the “Taking the Next Steps - Commercialization and Going International Program”. This program was arranged by the National ICT R&D Fund and conducted by Cambridge Advisors Network. As a part of this program the UET team is to visit USA to present their project on smart ways of electricity theft detection and isolation to address the resultant loss of substantial revenue. The presentations in the US will be delivered to investors, potential customers and partners in four US cities. The product was designed and developed at the "Centre of Intelligent Systems and Networks Research (CISNR)" by a team that includes Dr. Gul Muhammad Khan, Dr. Sahibzada Ali Mahmud and 25 researchers.

A total of five teams were selected, one from industry and four from the academia, with UET Peshawar ranked as the top amongst the top four research institutions. These top five shortlisted teams are selected to visit the US and present at road shows in 4 US cities Venture Capitalists for possible seed money to initiate the foundation of a startup company to promote the products that have been researched and indigenously designed, developed and patented at leading Pakistani academic institutions.