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Instructor Guide
1.Instructor Guide

Instructor Videos
1. After Export How to normalize the grades
2. Browse catalog
3. Changing the Password
4. How to change name
5. How to Enter marks of students
6. How to show marks of students
7. Import part1
8. Import part2
9. Searching the Class
10.View Gradebook
11.View Students Information
12.View teaching and Exam Schedule

Normalization Sheets (Instructor)
1. Normalization Sheet for Lab Course
2. Normalization Sheet for Project Course
3. Normalization Sheet for Theory Course


Student Guide
1. Students Guide
2. Hostel Admission Guide

Student Videos
1. Set User Defaults
2. Impact of User Defaults
3. About Personal Data
4. Browse Course Catalog
5. Class Search
6. Give Application for Hostel Admission
7. Request and Complain Process of Hostel
8. View Hostel Noticeboard
9. View Application Status for Hostel
10.Financial Holds
11.Account Inquiry
12.Student Weekly Schedule

13.View my Grades
14.View Short Attendance Report
15.View Unofficial Transcript

16.View Exam Schedule
17.Change Password