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Action Plan



The major activities of QEC are reflected in the following action plan:

  • QEC assists various departments of university in the completion of Self Assessment Reports and implementation of Self Assessment Process.

  • Every semester, QEC conducts online teacher and course evaluations by students of all campuses

  • QEC coordinates the implementation of plagiarism policies of HEC at the university. All Masters and PhD theses are checked for plagiarism. Similarly, all papers submitted for publication in university’s journal are checked for plagiarism before the papers are sent to reviewers for reviews..

  • QEC assists faculty members in applying for HEC travel grants though plagiarism checking of conference papers.

  • QEC assists various departments in preparations for accreditation visits by accreditation councils.

  • QEC works with teaching and non-teaching departments for the compilation of data for ranking of universities by HEC. QEC analyzes data to identify strong areas and areas of improvement and works with all departments to develop plans to address the areas of improvement.

  • QEC coordinates the efforts of various departments for Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) of university by HEC.

  • QEC arranges seminars and workshops on all campuses of university to bring awareness to Self Assessment Process, Plagiarism Policies and Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE). QEC also arranges seminars on other topics of interest to faculty members and students, for example, teaching methodologies; grading systems; and project selection, planning and implementation

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