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The Quality Enhancement Cell has conducted the following seminars and meetings for the awareness of faculty and administration:

  • A Seminar was conducted on Self Assessment Process and Action Plan regarding HEC’s quality targets on 29 March, 2013 Seminar was attended by the Chairmen and Program Team Members. The objective was how to meet the targets of QAA of HEC.

  • A meeting on parameter of quality on which ranking is based held on 13 May, 2013. The target group was all the Head of Departments. The objective was to develop a plan to enhance quality by addressing areas that need improvements.

  • A Meeting of all Chairmen/ Coordinators of departments held on 19-20 September, 2013, on the subject “Review of Research Activities and Postgraduate Program”.

  • The Meeting of all Focal Persons from all departments was held on 7 October, 2013 to discuss the procedure and action plan for conducting Third Party Evaluation of QEC and Self Assessment Process.

  • Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) done on 6 December, 2013. The whole University was involved and all the departments were thoroughly evaluated.

  • Meeting on minimum Quality Standard for Affiliated Colleges was held on 1 February, 2014. Experts were the target group.

  • Self Assessment Process an Overview was done on 9 May, 2014. Target group was Program Team Member and Assessment Team Member. The objective was to educate Program and Assessment Team Members about the evaluation process.

  • Self Assessment Process an Overview on 10 October, 2014 was done in which all the Program Team Members and Assessment Team were called and presentation was given on preparation of Self Assessment Process.

  • Meeting regarding Course & Teacher Evaluation (Fall Semester-2014) for both B.Sc & M.Sc Program held on 19 November, 2014. The objective was to facilitate the process of Teacher Student Evaluation. Semester Coordinator/Focal Person of each department attended the meeting.

  • Meeting regarding Self Assessment Report (SAR) held on 30 November, 2014. The Director QEC presented a detailed presentation on Self Assessment Report (SAR) and how to prepare it. The objective of the meeting was to highlight the role of Program Team Members and Assessment Team Members.

  • Third Party Validation IPE Process Review was done on 2 February, 2015. The meeting was attended by all the Chairmen, DPGS, DUGS, Registrar and Controller of Examination.

  • Meeting on Ranking-2014 was held on 13 March, 2015 in which importance and preparation was discussed.

  • Meeting of Plagiarism Standing Committee of UET held on 30 June, 2015 to discuss the allegation case leveled by HEC.

  • QEC coordinated a survey on 12 October, 2015, regarding HEC awarded contract to SEBCON (Pvt.) Ltd. for HE Student Satisfaction in Universities under Tertiary Education Support Program.

  • Meeting of Plagiarism Standing Committee of UET held on 11 November, 2015 to discuss the expert’s reviews and finalize the decision of allegation of plagiarism leveled.

  • Meeting held on 27 January, 2016. The subject was Prime Minister’s directives for Quality Assurance & Good Governance in HEI’s. The participants were briefed about the requirement.

  • Meeting held on 31 March, 2016 regarding Provision of Information for Ranking-2016.

  • The Quality Enhancement Cell conducted one day Workshop on “Effective Utilization of Information Technology for Quality Engineering Education on April 14, 2016. The workshop focused on training of all HoD’s /Directors and Semester Coordinators.

  • Director Quality Enhancement Cell attended the “21st Progress Review Meeting and Workshop of QECs fall in Group II” on April 27-28, 2016 conducted by Higher Education Commission Islamabad.

  • Meeting held on 27 July, 2016. The subject was “To discuss different issues of the University seven items agenda”. Attended by all HODs, Remote Campuses Coordinators, Controller of Examination and Manager IT Centre.

  • Campus Review Parameters (CRP) meeting held on 02 August, 2016. The subject was to “To discuss how to make Campus Review Parameters and timely provision of Data to Higher Education Commission (HEC) panel at the time of visit. Attended the meeting by All Head of Sections, Teaching Departments, Treasure and Registrar.

  • Follow Up meeting on “Campus Review Parameters” held on 09 August, 2016. The subject was “To discuss the experts reviews & finalize the Data to be served for CRP review to HEC panel. Attended the meeting by All Head of Sections, Teaching Departments, Treasure and Registrar.

  • Meeting held on 22 September, 2016. The subject was Awareness Session on Higher Education Commission (HEC) Standard Performas. Attended the meeting by All Head of Sections, Teaching Departments, Treasure and Registrar.

  • One day training session for Program team members and Assessment team members held on 28 October, 2016. Attended the training session all Program Team Members/Assessment team members and Director Media.

  • Meeting held on 22 December, 2016. at HEC attended by Director Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC), Reviewing of progress of QEC at University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar.

  • Meeting held on 03 January, 2017. The subject was “Five time agenda (consultative meeting of HODs) . Attended the meeting by All Head of Sections, Teaching Departments, Treasure and Registrar.

  • Meeting held on 24 January, 2017. The subject was “Accreditation issues of Jalozai Campus”. Attended the meeting by all HODs and Coordinator of Jalozai campus, Director QEC, Dean, Registrar and Treasure.


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