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The vision of the Quality Enhancement Cell is to improve the quality of all aspects of the university’s functioning to support the university’s vision of striving for the highest level of engineering excellence.





The mission of the Quality Enhancement Cell is to support the university in the area of quality assurance.  At present, the efforts of the QEC are mainly focused on: (a) coordination between the university and HEC, and (b) implementation of the HEC quality improvement programs at the university to help maintain and enhance the standards of education.


The task of QEC is missionary in nature and the QEC shall not be judged as quality enforcing agency.  The QEC is assigned a critical task by the HEC to assist the university in improving student learning by continuously enhancing the academic standards under the HEC guidelines.  The mission of improving the quality can only be achieved by the united efforts of the faculty, administration, students, and other stakeholders.





The QEC has the following objectives:

  • Implementation of the HEC assessment procedures and measures of quality assurance for the promotion of quality culture.

  • Adoption of appropriate standards for the measurement of performance of each department through HEC procedures.

  • Developing, implementing, and promoting good practices to build and strengthen the capacity of high quality provision.

  • Promoting the confidence of the public by ensuring that the standards and quality of education are enhanced.


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