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XEROS (Pvt.) Limited

   XEROS is a corporation serving community in Online Transportation & Logistics Network, Industrial and Business solutions. XEROS have launched a cab system in Peshawar, Where customer can call the Taxi at door step.

  XEROS aims to implement the application of INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING in the businesses and Industries to develop economical processes, Business Corporate Culture and Innovative Transportation and Logistics solutions.!

  Founder :               Engr. Sami Ullah
  Category :               [Transportation Network (Services)]
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  Funding Status :   Bootstrapped

Digital Marketing Services

   Digital Marketing provides digital marketing services to British and American companies helping to generate up to 7 figure revenue for them in terms of USD. The staff of the company has digital marketing certifications from Google, Microsoft, and HubSpot. The company is so far self-funded but it may solicit funds for some of its upcoming internal products within the e-commerce and digital marketing domains. The company's motto is 'work hard but smart'.
    About the Founder: Syed Irfan Ajmal is a serial entrepreneur, Huff Post columnist, and public speaker!

  Founder :               Mr. Syed Irfan Ajmal
  Category :               [Digital Marketing & E-Commerce]
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  Funding Status :   Bootstrapped

Handy Services / Apex Dynamics (Pvt) Ltd

   Handy Services / Apex Dynamics (Pvt) Ltd; is an engineering solutions company and a brain child of the best professional engineers having relative experience and well aware of the market trends. The same team of engineers lead, guide, supervise and train our handymen which are available for your needs at your own convenience. Our company is based on a single reason and that is to safe guard our clients from the malpractices, sub standard work and overcharging which has become a norm in the market these days.

   Handy Services / Apex Dynamics (Pvt) Ltd services are like Electrical, Air Conditioning, UPS, Generator, Solar Power, Plumbing, White Wash, CCTV, Material Supply and Heavy Machinery, Renovations/Remodeling, Design and Construction

  Founder :               Engr. Tariq Azam Khan Khattak
  Category :               [Home Appliance Services]
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  Funding Status :   Bootstrapped


   SAAB Engineers bring together professionals from various disciplines, primarily designing, planning and management engineering services. SAAB is currently undertaking / has successfully completed multi-disciplinary projects in Khyber Pkhatunkhwa, the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), and Northern Areas.
   It is a professional engineering consulting firm established in 2010 & serves a wide range of clients, both public and private. These include municipal, state and federal agencies, educational, commercial and industrial organizations, individuals and developers.
Specific areas of expertise include all aspects of surveying and mapping, civil engineering and structural design; Feasibility Studies Hydro Power, water and wastewater systems; soils testing; permitting and regulatory application and review; construction layout and inspection; and environmental assessment.

  Founder :               Engr. Syed Aziz Ahmad
  Category :               [Consultant]
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  Funding Status :   Bootstrapped

Get Green Tech

   Water supply schemes in hilly areas have always been a major challenge for government & non-governmetal organizations. The topographic nature of the hilly area, the non-availability of reliable electric power and fuel supplies, Weather conditions and landslides, Repair & maintenance, The proposed solution is based on RAM PUMP Technology.
   Ram Pump, also known as the Hydraulic Ram, doesn't use any electricity or fuel and thus saves on high cost of energy. Get Green Tech has developed a working model of the Ram Pump for use in Pakistan’s hilly areas to lift water from streams.!

  Founder :               Engr. Rehmat Ullah Kundi
  Category :               [Solar Energy & Hydro Ram Technologies]
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  Funding Status :   Bootstrapped



   AppFactor is a software consultancy firm that provides software solutions with its prime focus on the foreign market. We started our business under the banner of the TIC in November 2010. It’s been a great environment to work here. The staff is very supportive. We have a peaceful place to work and focus on our work.
   Currently our main focus is on the mobile applications platform. We are also planning on expanding to other platforms as well such as desktop applications, web applications and so on.!


   HORTON DEN is a group of dedicated Computer Professionals, with hands- on experience in the IT field. It aims to provide quality service to the vast majority of multi-dimensional customers, who demand value for their investment in time and money.In this aggressive ready for action age, when the whole world is turning to Internet and electronics, it is vital to have an edge, which comes only from adopting e-Strategies.
   HORTON DEN has decided to have a track record in future for quality and timely delivery. It commits to the deliverance of exigent tasks on time and well below budget. Our domain covers the specialized areas including Web Solutions; Software Development; Electronic Devices (Microcontroller; and Programmable Language Controller (PLC).!


   HalulSoft specializes in providing services such as Web Designing, Web Development, Web Development.
   HalulSoft, a Pakistan based software house that intends to make its mark in the thriving Pakistani tech industry by satisfying its clients’ existing and emerging needs. At HalulSoft, we are aware of the latest trends and is using best techniques to cater the needs of its valued clients. The strength lies in the skills and efforts of its team who believe in giving novel look to every kind of project they are assigned to. Client satisfaction from the team’s performance is of supreme importance to HalulSoft.
   Halul Soft has decided to have a track record in future for quality and timely delivery. It commits to the deliverance of exigent tasks on time and well below budget.
   HalulSoft is committed to provide solution to your every problem! Whether you are new in a market or in an established business, let HalulSoft team of experts help you in identifying the best possible ways.!

Catalysts Communications

   Catalysts Communications is a consultancy firm dealing in communications between organizations and their stakeholders. Catalysts help organizations in bringing creativity into communications that is both novel and meaningful. At the same time being Dynamic, Smart and Ever-evolving.
   Catalysts Communication is a strategic communications and management consulting firm now operating Internationally as well.!

Future Technologies

   Future Technologies a Broad Spectrum Organization catering to the need of domestic market as well as venturing to topping the huge out sourcing foreign market.
   Web & web based applications development , IOS / Android application development, desktop & database solutions provider.!

PAKSES Pakistan Chapter

   PAKSES is a spin-off company of CAMSES (Combridge Solar and Environmental Solutions) established in Cambridge Enterprises on the invention of UET faculty patented in UK for commercialization of water purification and photocell chemicals developed by UET scholar and being patented in UK.!


    HIMMEL Tech is focusing on highly flexible and collaborative engineering approach to Automation, Software Development, Teleom Solution, Media & Marketing solution.
   Company's aim to develp new software & engineering application for domestic & international markets.!

DMD Consultants

   Design Management & Development (DMD) Consultancy was founded with a motive of specializing in providing engineering services which includes design supervision monitoring & evaluation and Loss assessment services. We also have the full capability to provide social services, capacity building and institutional development.
   The organization is managed by highly qualified professionals with diverse national and provincial field experience, committed to delivering work effectively, efficiently and economically. Placing the highest value on quality and integrity we aim to deliver premier services in a cost-effective way. Thus the value of our services is an offshoot of our commitment to produce consistently high quality work within the constriction of client's schedule and budget.
   DMD Consultancy licensed and registered with Pakistan Engineering Council as an Engineering Consultancy offers its services under the profile codes of Buildings (residential & commercial), Highways & Bridges, Irrigation & water resource appraisals and Building valuation & loss assessment.!

DEVHUB Private Limited

   DevHub is small limited firm of web designing & socail media marketing. Devhub aims to help small business get off the ground and grow into successful business by creating e-commerce solution.
   Devhub offers hosting, custom domains, multiple themes, client database order management system etc.Devhub aims to target young enterproners who works from home and cannot afford to setup a store or display center!

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