S. No Event Name Organized Date Venue
1 CISCO Road Show ORIC UET Peshawar / Dept. of Computer Systems Engineering 3.4.2019 UET Peshawar
2 Workshop on ECO Freelancing and Entrepreneurship ORIC / Dept. of Chemical Engineering UET Peshawar 7.3.2019 UET Peshawar
3 Round Table Conference on Global Issues in Energy and Climate Change ORIC / USPCASE UET Peshawar 7.3.2019 UET Peshawar
4 Panel Discussion on the Role of WISE towards Women Education in Sciences and Engineering ORIC / Director Media UET Peshawar 7.3.2019 UET Peshawar
5 Career Counselling Workshop ORIC / CDC UET Peshawar 7.3.2019 UET Peshawar
6 Issues in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene ORIC / NIUIP UET Peshawar 7.3.2019 UET Peshawar
7 Impact of climate change on Agriculture and Associated Environmental ORIC / Dept: of Agriculture Engg: 6.3.2019 UET Peshawar
8 Seminar on Sustainable Technologies ORIC UET Peshawar/ Dept: Industrial Engg: 6.3.2019 UET Peshawar
9 Paving the Way for Sustainable Development ORIC UET Peshawar/ GIZ 27.2.2019 UET Peshawar
10 One day Seminar on Advanced Automotive Rubber Sealing Systems ORIC, Dept of Chemical Engg: UET Peshawar 7-Jan-19 UET Peshawar
11 2 day National Conference on Professional Trends in Industrial & Systems Engineering ORIC, Industrial Engineering , HEC 24 th , 25 th April, 2018 UET Peshawar
12 International Conference on CPEC ORIC, SBBWU Feb. 27 th to March 1 st 2018 Shaheed Banazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar
13 3 rd Invention to Innovation Summit UET Peshawar ORIC, UET Peshawar, IRP, Lahore 29 th -30 th November, 2017 UET Peshawar
14 Awareness Seminar on Technology Development Fund (TDF) ORIC, HEC 24 th October, 2017 UET Peshawar
15 two days “Project Formulation Workshop at UET Peshawar” ORIC UET Peshawar in Collaboration with Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) Islamabad and USPCAS-E, UET Peshawar 12 & 13 July, 2017 UET Peshawar
16 two days training workshop on OBE/OBA ORIC UET Peshawar with Collaboration with Pakistan Engineering Council May 2 & 3, 2017 Peshawar Garrison Club
17 Syed Muhammad Ali Zuhaib, student of 8 th Semester, Telecommunication Engineering, UET Mardan Campus for attending a fifteen days training program for Pakistani ICT students ORIC UET Peshawar and Huawei Technologies (Pvt) Ltd Huawei Shenzhen, China
18 One day conference on Innovation titled “Pakistan Innovation Forum” ORIC , HEC 8-Dec-16 HEC Islamabad
19 International Symposium on Technology Entrepreneurship and Incubation ORIC, National ICT R&D , HEC and IBA Karachi 19-20 August, 2016 HEC Islamabad
20 Annual 2nd Invention to Innovation Summit ORIC UET Peshawar November 15 & 16, 2016 UET Peshawar