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Quality Enhancement Cell, UET Peshawar

Vice Chancellor's Message

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Qaiser Ali, has emphasized improving the quality of education and assured that the University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar is committed to bringing the standards of education to par with international norms. This commitment has already been promoted with the establishment of the Quality Enhancement Cell at the university.


Director's Message

The Director, Quality Enhancement Cell, Dr. Safdar Nawaz Khan is leading a team dedicated to ensuring and enhancing the quality of the academic programs and services at UET Peshawar. QEC's primary objective is to promote a culture of continuous improvement and excellence in all aspects of the institute. At QEC, the team strives to achieve quality related goals by implementing a robust quality assurance mechanism, strengthened thorough evaluations, and provision of actionable recommendations for improvement.


The standard of higher education in Pakistan needs to be at par with international norms. Efforts have long been underway to bridge gaps and pave way for developing a knowledge-based economy in Pakistan. It was in this context that Quality Assurance Committee, comprising the Vice Chancellors of universities and HEC policy makers, was established in 2006. The committee was given the task to develop a viable mechanism for implementation in the higher education sector to improve quality. After conducting a series of meetings with the concerned stakeholders, the committee recommended the establishment of Quality Enhancement Cells (QECs) in all public sector universities. QECs have now been established in all public and private sector universities of Pakistan. QECs are monitored, guided and supervised by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) of HEC.



The vision of the Quality Enhancement Cell is to improve the quality of all aspects of the university’s functioning in support of the university’s vision to be among the top ranking universities of the world through Education, Research and Innovation.



The mission of the Quality Enhancement Cell is to support the university in the area of quality assurance. At present, the efforts of the QEC are mainly focused on: (a) coordination between the university and HEC, and (b) implementation of the HEC quality improvement programs at the university to help maintain and enhance the standards of education. The task of QEC is missionary in nature and the QEC shall not be judged as quality enforcing agency. The QEC is assigned a critical task by the HEC to assist the university in improving student learning by continuously enhancing the academic standards under the HEC guidelines. The mission of improving the quality can only be achieved by the united efforts of the faculty, administration, students, and other stakeholders.


The QEC has the following objectives:


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