Department of Architecture Abbottabad Campus

The Abbottabad Campus of UET, Peshawar offers five years (ten semesters) course to earn the Bachelor Degree in Architecture; B.Arch. The B.Arch. Degree course at the Department of Architecture is set in such a manner that the students: Take Inspiration from Heritage- the region's extraordinary ancient civilizations and its rich living folk traditions; innovate Technologically - correlating the wisdom of traditional building technologies with the most contemporary to create unique inventions for their own social context; connect with Emerging Trends of Architecture globally and in Pakistan; Become leaders in social responsibility as development professionals - building with human values and with respect for the environment. The Department has developed rapidly, and continues to do so with a focus on bringing these aspects to international standards: Academics and Research, Infrastructure, and Faculty Development.

Faculty & Staff of Architecture Abbottabad Campus

Academic Programs
Academics at the department focus on continues upgradation of the curriculum in accordance with the developments at Pakistan level-Higher Education Commission (HEC/PCATP) curriculum-as well as the best models of contemporary international education in architecture. The Department offers students the opportunity to explore themes in the electives that are close to their cultural and regional value. Since architecture is a multi disciplinary design field , a combination of art and science, courses have been tailored to inculcate creativity among students from Foundation Year to the Final Year Thesis Project. Each year course is attributed with a competency level benchmark to ensure students performance throughout the Architectural Program at Abbottabad Campus. The Department also focuses on developing interpersonal skills of the students and a broad exposure to society, engaging them in various extra - curricular activities. Students are also taken to various nationwide field trips for an exposure to different historical buildings, architecturally significant structures and to establish dialogues with other professionals practicing in the country.

One of the significant aspect of the Department is the extensive involvement of faculty in research and professional practice for enhancement of academics and field experience. This also provides students an opportunity to learn in a motivated research and professional environment.

Keeping its pace with the advancement, the Department has acquired latest technologies to develop a conducive environment for studying Architecture. State of the art Computer lab, technically primed crafting workshop, well equipped design studios, and a resourceful library are available for effective learning process.

Besides having a well qualified faculty, the department also strives to bring in both nationally and internat ionally renowned professionals, eminent artists and intellectuals to share their ideas, experience and work with the students and faculty of the Architecture at Abbottabad Campus. They are involved both in teaching regular courses, and provide valuable ideas and research through the Department's Lecture - Workshop Series, which makes a great contribution to the academic environment of the department. Continuous Professional Development of the faculty is encouraged and supported.

The Department of Architecture offers various Awards and Prize money to the students for wining and prize competations conducted by Department.