Abbottabad Campus

The Chancellor, University of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar inaugurated Abbottabad Campus in October, 2002, in old premises of Ayub Medical College. The city of Abbottabad gained fame as being the city of schools and colleges. Due to a pleasant climate, people from all parts of country prefer to send their children to study in reputed educational institutions of Abbottabad, like Army Burn Hall, Abbottabad Public School, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology etc.

In addition, five medical colleges in the city also attract students. Establishment of campus of UET in Abbottabad has not only addressed a longstanding public demand, but also enhanced the city's image as a seat of learning. Known for its natural beauty, better climatic conditions and a vast network of educational institutions, Abbottabad was ideally suited for such an institution of higher learning in applied sciences.

- Department of Electronics Engineering
- Department of Architecture, City & Regional Planning
Academic Programs
The following degree programs are offer in the Abbotabad Campus:
- B.Sc Electronics Engineering
- Bachelor of Architecture, City and Regional Planning
The following laboratories have been established in the Department:
- Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory
- Electronic Laboratory
- Electronics Workshop
- Computer Laboratory
- Drawing Hall

Field Visits & Training
The Department maintains close links with government organization and private industries related to Electronic Engineering. Field visits for students and faculty are arranged during the academic year as per requirement of the courses.

- Two hostels for 300 male students
- One for 100 female students