Information Technology Centre

Undoubtedly, online services have become most important resources in educational institutions & research organizations. Over the last few years, not only active users of the network facilities have increased many folds but also the web-based applications services has increased. This is a welcome change in universities academic environment. Realizing the importance of these services, UET took initiative and established basic network infrastructure in Campus and in hostels.

After merging ISC (Information Services Centre) and CMS (Campus Management Solution) into IT Centre in 2012, IT Centre provides the following services to Faculty, Staff and Students:

1. CMS Software Services
2. Internet Services (24/7 in campus and in hostels)
3. Official Email Services
4. VPN to access HEC Digital Library
5. Video Conferencing
6. Microsoft Licensed Softwares
7. Website Management
8. IT Help Desk / Support

IT Centre Services

1. CMS Software Services
CMS is a web-based portal where all data of students from admission till graduation are stored. Purchased by HEC in 2007 for the six public sector universities of Pakistan, UET Peshawar was selected as pilot institution amongst these to implement CMS. In 2008, UET Peshawar officially launched this Software. Login accounts are created for faculty, staff and students to enter, edit and view their official record from anywhere as per their privileges.

2. Internet Services
The responsibility of running the university's network 24/7 has been given to IT Centre. UET Peshawar Campus has taken high bandwidth from PERN (Pakistan Education & Research Network). To monitor and proper utilize this bandwidth across the campus various servers are installed. Currently, the university has about 6000 network connections (wired & wireless) covering more than twenty buildings including eight hostels (6 boys & 2 girls) and remote campus building in phase-5 Hayatabad.
The campus network and internet facilities are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All network failures and excess utilization are reported to the IT Centre technical staff for problem resolution.
Policy For Internet Users, UET Hostels Peshawar

3. Website Management
IT Centre is responsible for maintaing/updating the university main official website.

4. Official Email Services
In an effort to increase the efficient distribution of critical information to all faculty, staff and students, and to all satellite campuses, it is recommended to utilize the university's e-mail services, for formal university communication and for academic & other official purposes. E-mail is used for formal university communications and official notices from the university to faculty, staff and students. These communications may include administrative content, such as human resources information, policy messages, general university messages, official announcements, e-payroll slips distribution, scholarships etc. To receive these notices, it is essential that the e-mail address be kept active by using it regularly.
For obtaining the university's email account, user should download Email Form from UET website and submit duly filled form in IT Centre. Login details will be email to user on alternative/personal email account. After getting UET official email account, user must change his/her password at first login.
For any further query related to email please contact on

5. VPN services to access HEC digital library
HEC Digital Library Program is providing access to more than 23,000 high quality, peer-reviewed journals, databases, and articles. Students and faculty/staff can access these resources from inside and outside the campus through IP address and VPN respectively. Access through Virtual Private Network (VPN) is available to faculty/staff, MS and Ph.D Students.
List of digital libraries available through UET VPN Server.
For obtaining the VPN account, user should download VPN activation Form from UET website and submit duly filled form in IT Centre. Login details are email on their respective email account.

6. Video Conferencing
IT Centre is responsible for video conferencing.

7. Microsoft Licensed Software's
Free software's are available through agreement between Microsoft and HEC to all Students, Staff and Faculty.

8. IT Help Desk / Support
The IT Centre provides support to students, faculty and staff on a variety of technology related topics. Support includes, but is not limited to:
-CMS Services
-Operating Systems
-Software Applications
-Printers Sharing
-Personal Computer Security
-Virtual Private Network (VPN)