Bannu Campus

Development of the southern districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) was envisioned by the government, a part of which targeted the establishment of institutes of higher education. University of Engineering & Technology, Bannu Campus was established in 2002 in line with the prevalent vision of the government to spread the light of higher education in the remote areas of KP. Undergraduate programs in Civil and Electrical engineering were offered in Bannu Campus with an initial intake of 8 and 28 students in Civil and Electrical engineering, respectively. Student intake in UET Bannu Campus grew significantly and presently 494 students are enrolled in the campus with 290 students in Civil Engineering and 204 students in Electrical Engineering.

Civil Engineering is considered as one of the earliest disciplines of engineering, and rightly termed as Mother of Engineering. The department of Civil Engineering offers undergraduate program leading to the degree of BSc. Faced with polluted air, decaying cities, roadways and bridges, crowded airports and highways, polluted streams, rivers and lakes and other natural calamities, civil engineers are being challenged to design solutions that are workable and cost-effective. The department is proud of producing graduates of excellent quality who have been serving the Civil engineering industry both in Pakistan and abroad. A number of graduates of the department have pursued higher education both indigenously as well as in foreign countries.

The Department of Electrical Engineering, at the University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar (Bannu Campus), offers excellent learning in the field of Electrical Engineering. In the modern technological domain, the role of Electrical Engineering cannot be underestimated. The struggle to develop new and efficient techniques for energy production, electronics, power distribution systems and control systems have been the cornerstone of modern Electrical Engineering industry. Graduates of the department of Electrical Engineering are equipped with the requisite knowledge and practical skills to cope with challenges of the modern world. The graduates of the department are not only serving in Pakistan but also represent the country in various industries and academic institutions abroad. The department aspires that its students be better prepared to handle modern-life challenges therefore it is continuously striving to improve quality of education and research.

Students in the campus are provided with all the necessary facilities to promote learning while at the same time not ignoring general grooming of the students as sound professionals and responsible citizens. Excellent sports facilities are available to the students in the campus. Besides teaching and sports activities, the students are also encouraged to participate in different events that are an essential part of the academic calendar. In order to shape them into sound professionals, the students are required to undergo practical training in the relevant industry.

- Department of Electrical Engineering (Accredited with PEC )
- Department of Civil Engineering (Accredited with PEC)
Academic Programs
UET Bannu Campus is currently offering two undergraduate degree programs for the award of degree of
- B.Sc. Civil Engineering
- B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

On Campus Facilities
UET Bannu Campus strives hard to provide excellent environment and facilities to its students and faculty to enable them to fully utilize their potential. The campus prides itself on its clean and green environment, which is overseen by the campus Environment, Health and Safety committee. Every step is taken to ensure that the students and faculty are provided with clean surroundings and a peaceful working environment while at the same time assuring safety.

Accommodation is provided to 300 male students, admitted on merit, in the three hostels located inside the campus. A secure and dedicated female hostel has the facility to accommodate 8 students. Dining facilities are available to the students residing in the hostels at reasonable rates. The faculty is provided with bachelor accommodation in staff hostel while the guest house is used to provide living to the guests visiting the campus.

Medical Facilities
UET Bannu Campus provides its students, faculty and staff with easy access to medical facilities. An in-campus first aid facility is available when minor medical treatment is required. The services of District Headquarters Hospital Bannu, which is at a distance of one kilometer from the campus, are employed when serious medical attention is needed. A 24-hour ambulance service is available to transport patients.

The sprawling green grounds of the campus are available to the students and faculty to play sports. The campus offers its students with excellent sports facilities in cricket, football, lawn tennis, badminton, volleyball and basketball. In addition to these, indoor sports can be enjoyed by the students, for which the facilities are made available to the students. A yearly sports gala is arranged in the campus to groom students in the skills of leadership, management and physical fitness. The winners in the various sports events are awarded with certificates and shields.

Student Facilitation
The students of UET Bannu Campus have a clean and well-stocked Cafeteria available to them. A monitoring committee, comprising of faculty members, ensures that the food items in the Canteen are hygienic. A Photostat shop provides the students with the facility to photocopy literature. Students residing in the hostels can avail the services of laundry in the campus at reasonable charges.

UET Bannu Campus envisions to produce graduates who are not only technically competent but also possess the confidence needed to excel in the cut-throat competition of professional world. Seminars are arranged in the campus from time to time in which different speakers from the Civil Engineering Industry are invited. UET Bannu Campus arranges Pakistan Engineering Councilís Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars attended by professionals from the industry and the students. To groom the students in the art of presentation and public speaking, a yearly gala is arranged by the students and supervised by a faculty member. The students present their performance in different forms through skits, comedy and poetry etc. These events are supplemented by food festival, spring festival and other events.