Jalozai Campus

The Jalozai Campus funded by HEC at the cost of Rs. 6,565.272 Million is being established on Pabbi-Cherat Road at 11 KM Southwards from GT Road in district Nowshera. Total area of the campus is 402 acres and the total covered area is approximately 1,021,233 sq. ft. with live-in strength of 3,240 students in eight departments. The Campus includes academic blocks, central facilities, amenities, sports & recreational facilities, hostels, staff residences together with infrastructural facilities and a Sewage Treatment Plant.
Having the services of all Ph.D faculty Jalozai Campus will offer education in eight engineering disciplines including Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum and Gas Engineering and Industrial Engineering out of which four undergraduate programmes i.e civil engineering, electrial engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial engineering have been started.

- Department of Electrical Engineering
- Department of Civil Engineering
- Department of Mechanical Engineering
- Department of Industrial Engineering
- Department of Computer Science & IT
Academic Programs
The following degree programs are offer in the Jalozai Campus:
- B.Sc. Electrical Engineering
- B.Sc. Civil Engineering
- B.Sc Mechanical Engineering
- B.Sc Industrial Engineering
- BS Computer Science
The following laboratories have been established in the Department:
Laboratories Electrical:
- Computer Laboratories
- Instrumentation and Measurement Laboratory
- Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory
- Communication Laboratory
- Electronics Laboratory
- Electrical Machine Laboratory
- Electrical Engineering Workshop
- Digital Logic Design Laboratory
- Control System Laboratory
Laboratories Civil:
- Environmental Laboratory
- Hydraulics Laboratory
- Concrete Laboratory
- Material Testing Laboratory
- Applied Mechanics Laboratory
- Soil Mechanics Laboratory
- Transportation Laboratory
- Survey Laboratory
- Drawing Hall

Laboratories Mechanical:
- Thermodynamics & Fuels Laboratory
- Power Plants Laboratory
- Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
- Refrigeration Laboratory
- Heat Transfer Laboratory
- Metallurgy Laboratory
- Comuter Laboratory
- Rapid Proto-typing Laboratory
- Dynamics & Vibration Laboratory
- Control & Instrumentation Laboratory
- Advance CAD/CAM Laboratory

Laboratories Industrial:
- Automation and Robotics Laboratory
- Computer Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory
- Metrology Laboratory
- Mechanics Laboratory
- Materials and Surface Engineering Laboratory
- Fabrication Laboratory
- ComputerLaboratory

Field Visits & Training
Electrical: Visits to various industries and research organixation are a part of education and training of graduate engineers. These vists are arranged for students to provide them with a window of opportunity through which they get a chance to see actual engineering at work.
Civil: Field visits to Civil Engineering projects of national importance are arranged for students. Each year students and concerned faculty members visit facilities and projects with a high technical merit.
Mechanical: Industrial visits are regularly conducted every year to broaden the horizon of students and to appraise them with the industry of Pakistan.
Industial: Industial visits are regularly conducted broaden the breadth and depth of technical and practical Industrial Engineering knowledge.

- Two hostels for 420 male students
- One hostel for 210 female students