Online Classes Helping Material

Department level Complaints email id's regarding online education

SOP for Online Classes
1. SOP's for Teachers and Students , Cyber Crime Aspect and Course_Agreement   * SOP for Teachers   * SOP for Students   * Cyber Crime Aspect in online Teaching   * Course Agreement for Student
Manual / Videos for Teachers of UET Peshawar
1.  Instructor Manual GoogleClassroom
2.  Google Classroom Full Tutorial
3.  Creating New Classroom Tutorial
3a.  STREAM Tutorial
4.  Classwork Tutorial
4a.  Creating Topic Tutorial
4b.  Creating Assignments Tutorial
4c.  Creating Rubrics Tutorial
4d.  Plagiarism Check Tutorial
4e.  Creating Quiz Tutorial
4f.  Adding Lecture Notes, Books etc Tutorial
5.  Adding Teachers and Students Tutorial
6.  Checking/Assigning Grades of students Tutorial
7.  Setting up Google Classroom Tutorial
8.  Google Meet (live lecturing) Tutorial
9.  Meet Attendance (Joining and Leaving live lecture) Tutorial
10.  Ziteboard (live Drawing board for Touchscreen users)Tutorial
11.  Share Computer Screen live in Google Meet Tutorial
12.  Record Google Meet Live Lecture Tutorial
13.  Setting Grading Policy Tutorial
13a.  Checking your Weekly Timetable Tutorial
13b.  Marking/Grading Assignments/Reports/Quizzes Tutorial
14.  Checking your workload status Tutorial
15.  Exporting grades to Excel/Sheet Tutorial
Manual / Videos for Students of UET Peshawar
1.  Students Manual GoogleClassroom
2.  This is an online tutorial for Students (specifically, of UET Peshawar Pakistan), on How to use Google Classroom and Google Meet for online learning.
3.  Login/Connect to a Classroom 00:01.
4.  Working with Class discussion (STREAM) 2:15.
5.  Checking Classwork/Notes/Pre-recorded lectures (CLASSWORK) 8:27.
6.  Submitting Quizzes 15:01.
7.  Submitting Hand-written work 17:19.
8.  Submitting Assignments 24:34 .
9.  Communicating with Teachers and Classmates (PEOPLE) 35:14 .
10.  Attending Live Lectures (Google MEET) 37:17 .
10.  Asking Question (Raise hand) in Live Lecture (NOD chrome extension) 38:59.
10a.  DOWNLOAD Nod Extension for Chrome