Career Development Center

Career Development Center (CDC) at UET Peshawar provides diverse services to the students of UET Peshawar in career planning. These services include job and higher education counselling. It is our objective to get our students connected to industry for opportunities and exposure.

The scope of guidance is not just limited to Pakistan, rather the whole global stage is contemplated. Students are brought into the limelight for recruiters by broadcasting their skills and regular interaction with industry partners.


To nurture future leaders who can drive the society towards technological solutions and develop knowledge based markets.


To create a cooperative environment for students to prepare them for professional life and to help them in developing career oriented skills.


  • Quality - through persistent efforts for improvement.
  • Equality - by giving respect to each race, caste and gender.
  • Inclusiveness - by giving opportunities to students belonging to deprived communities.


  • Career Decision Making
  • Resume, Curriculum Vitae, and Cover Letter Preparation
  • Practicing Interviews
  • Finding Internships and Positions
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Graduate Studies Guidance
  • Connections in Industry
  • Employer Facilitation


CDC works under a Director at the University level who manages all the CDC activities. The Director is assisted by Career Liaison Officers (CLOs) and Industry Liaison Officers (ILOs) at the departmental level. Each department has a designated CLO who works as an interface for students to communicate with CDC and also help the Director in various capacities. An ILO in each department strives to generate internship opportunities for students and maintains internship providers' database. In each department, the CLO is supported by CLO ambassadors, who are students, one from each of three senior batches of the currently enrolled students. Therefore, each department has three CLO ambassadors working with their respective CLO.

Annual Career Fair

UET Peshawar has hosted Career Fairs in the past to bring students and recruiters under the same roof. The plan is to hold such events on annual basis. Students would get opportunities to grab attractive positions and get introduced to HR personnel of various prominent organizations.