Earthquake Engineering Center (EEC)

Earthquake Engineering Centre (EEC) is a multidisciplinary research and education center situated in Peshawar. Envisioned in 2002, the center became operational in June 2006. EEC was established with the aim of better understanding the seismic risk in the areas within the geographical boundaries of Pakistan and to conduct research and testing in the current construction practices in Pakistan for improving seismic resistance of structures in high seismic risk areas.


The objective of the center is to develop procedures, knowledge, and tools to meet the future challenges related to the potential earthquakes in the region. The center aims to achieve its objective by promoting education and awareness among all facets of society and by carrying out target oriented need based research programs outlined below:

- National capacity building through Human Resource Development.

- Seismic hazard estimation and preparation of zonation maps.

- Development and improvement of new techniques in seismic design of structures and proposing design guidelines for earthquake resilient structures.

- Estimation of seismic risk analysis for structures and proposing strengthening and retrofitting measures for reducing the seismic risk.

- Developing experimental facilities for structural health monitoring and testing.

- Disseminating knowledge to common people for improving quality of construction, emergency preparedness in earthquakes and seismic disaster mitigation.

- Provide services at national and international level, in the field of earthquake engineering.

In the aftermath of the October 8, 2005 earthquake in Pakistan, the center proved itself as a reliable and proficient institution that provided valuable suggestions and guidance to the government and non-government organizations involved in the reconstruction and rehabilitation.
The center is of strategic nature as it has the potential to support the construction industry, power sector like WAPDA, telecom industry, industrial units, hospitals, and highway sector like NHA.