Grievances Redressal System

SOP for lodging a complaint(s) and its Redressal

1.   Any student/faculty member/staff who is aggrieved of mal-administration of any department /section/centre/directorate of the University, can make a complaint either in Urdu or English.

2.   Every complaint needs to be lodged on a standard format, provided at A. Complaint Form For Student, B. Complaint Form For Faculty Member and C. Complaint Form for supporting staff at the Directorate of Quality Assurance (DQA).

3.   The DQA will acknowledge the receipt of the complaint either through email, letter or phone and the complaint number will be communicated to the complainant for future reference.

4.   Every complaint must be accompanied by a copy of Service Card/ID Card of the complainant and supported by a statement to the effect that:-
      a.  The allegations/statements are true and correct to the best of his/her knowledge and belief and the head of concerned section/department/centre/directorate has been approached for redressal of the grievance but in vain.
      b.  Previously no complaint about the subject matter has been lodged.
      c.  No suit, appeal, petition or any other judicial proceedings in connection with the subject matter of the complaint are pending before any court or judicial Tribunal.

5.   The complaint must bear the signature or thumb impression of the complainant and complete mailing address with telephone or cell phone number. No anonymous complaint is admissible if there is no specific order from the authorized officer of the university.

6.   The Grievances Redressal Committee (GRC), constituted by the Vice Chancellor (At Annexure D) is bound to respond in writing within two weeks time. The response should be crisp and clear like: a. The complaint is genuine and concerned section/Department/Centre/Directorate head is being directed to redress the grievance as per recommendation of the GRC. b. The complaint is not genuine and rejected c. The redressal of the grievance needs to change the statutes/rules, for which recommendations are being forwarded to the VC for approval to be placed before the statutory bodies for possible decision.

7. The DQA will schedule a meeting well in time in consultation with the convener, members of the GRC and head of the concerned section/department/centre/directorate to discuss the complaint(s) for possible decision(s) to be communicated to the complainant(s) within time mentioned in clause 6.

8.   The concerned head or his nominee, well versed with issue in the complaint, will represent the section/department/centre/directorate in the meeting to defend the position of the section/department/centre/directorate.

9.   The decision of the GRC will be required to be approved by the VC before communicating to the complainant.

10.   The DQA will process the decision of the GRC for approval of the VC.

11.   After approval of the VC, the DQA will issue order of the VC to the concerned section for prompt action to redress the issue within the time frame mentioned in the directive.

12.   Concerned head will be responsible if the time line in the directive is not followed which will be reported to the Syndicate in the report to be prepared by the DQA every year.

13.   The Syndicate shall take necessary action against any head if performance is not satisfactory in redressing genuine grievances of students, faculty members and employees.