Policy for Internet Users, UET Hostels Peshawar

It is to notify that all students residing in hostels and using hostel internet facility, the usage policy has been changed due to security reasons. Now instead of students Registration No., Username will be their CNIC No. and password will be sent to their official email address.

User must change their password after first login on laptop. Password must meet the system complexity criteria i.e. combination of alphabets, digits and special characters.

It will be the student responsibility not to share his/her login credentials with unauthorized/other users because all the logs will be recorded against his/her login ID and he/she will be responsible for it.

Any kind of misuse, Hotspots, Connectify, VPN, use of network discovery tools, penetration testing or network extension tools are not permitted in UET, Peshawar network.

If any user found misusing the internet facility and violating the above rules, strict action will be taken against him/her.

For any further query please contact on


Configuration for Windows 7
Configuration for Android Devices
Configuration for Windows 10

Please use the following settings on mobile phones:

- Encryption Type: 802.1x EAP
- EAP Method: PEAP
- Phase2 Authentication: MSCHAPv2
- CA Certificate: Do not validate
Name Designation Email
Mr. Naeem Ullah Khan System Administrator naeemkhan@uetpeshawar.edu.pk
Mr. Asad Maqsood Network Administrator asad.maqsood@uetpeshawar.edu.pk
Mr. Ahad Ullah Asstt. Network Administrator ahad@uetpeshawar.edu.pk
Mr. Nowsherwan Khan Asstt. Network Administrator nowsherwan@uetpeshawar.edu.pk