Department of Mechatronics Engineering Peshawar Campus

Welcome to the Department of Mechatronics Engineering!

Mechatronics Engineering is a relatively new field of study, and just like anything new, it draws both interest and skepticism. Many students, and parents alike, find it difficult to come to terms with the standing and importance of this field and the promise that it holds, both for the student's and the country's future. In very plain and simple words, Mechatronics Engineering is mostly about intelligent automation of manual labor. It is an integration of Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Engineering. This integration of three different disciplines of Engineering is driven mostly by the needs of modern industries, and the equipment and appliances that we come across in our daily lives, which are mostly electro-mechanical and are controlled by some kind of a computer that is embedded therein. So whether it is the air conditioner in your room, the ATM machine that you use to withdraw cash, the car that you drive around, your household cleaning robot, if you are lucky to have one, or the bottling plant at your favorite beverage company or any modern industry for that matter- you are looking at Mechatronics in action. Mechatronics Engineers are primarily trained to ensure the efficient operation of any modern industry. However, their skills and knowledge can be utilized in numerous other fields, such as, Biomedical Engineering, the design and development of unmanned, autonomous systems etc.

Funded by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, the Department of Mechatronics Engineering was established in 2007 at a cost of Rs. 140 million. It is located in Phase V of the Hayatabad township of Peshawar metropolis. Students of the Department are provided with a free shuttle service to the Main Campus of UET Peshawar. Around 75% of the Faculty members at the Department have received their PhD in relevant disciplines from well reputed international universities, whereas the remaining are working towards their PhD degree. Despite being one of the youngest departments of UET Peshawar, we feel proud to announce it that many of our graduates are working at some of the most prestigious organizations both in Pakistan and abroad, i.e., Schlumberger, PepsiCo, British American Tobacco Company, Tetra Pak, Bestway, and Atlas Honda etc., while many more are pursuing their higher education in some of the best universities in Europe, Australia, the Far East and North America.

Mission of the Department

"To produce well-rounded Mechatronics Engineers, such that they have the right set of skills built from the transfer of broad and in-depth engineering knowledge and hands-on practical work, hence, enabling them to contribute positively towards solving real life problems utilizing the proper research tools and methodology for sustainable development. "

Program Education Objectives

In order to accomplish our mission, we strive to achieve the following Program Education Objectives (PEOs) that we have set for our B.Sc. degree program in Mechatronics Engineering. We endeavor to train our graduates so that they are:

1. Successful Mechatronics Engineer with continuous improvement in skills and tools, strong inclination towards research, and actively seeking out leadership roles in engineering domain and/or in the Society.

2. Ethically strong, and socially and environmentally responsible Mechatronics Engineer.

3. Mechatronics Engineer who demonstrates high levels of competence, due diligence and professionalism.

In order to achieve its objectives, the department has a host of laboratory facilities to help hone the practical and hands-on skills of its students. Through funding from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, a state-of-the-art PLC Training Laboratory has been setup featuring latest Siemens PLC training modules. More recently, through competitive bidding among universities throughout Pakistan, we have succeeded in securing funding from the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to establish the Advanced Robotics and Automation Lab as a part of the National Center of Robotics and Automation.

Faculty & Staff of Mechatronics Engineering

Department of Mechatronics Scheme of Studies

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO's) Of Mechatronics Engineering
Degree Programs
Currently the Department of Mechatronics Engineering offers the following degree programs
- B.Sc. Mechatronics Engineering
- M.Sc. Mechatronics Engineering with specialization in Automation and Control
- Ph.D Mechatronics Engineering
Several laboratories have been set up to support the study of Mechatronics Engineering including the following:
- Electrical & Electronics Laboratory
- Instrumentation & Control Laboratory
- Mechatronics Design Laboratory
- Robotics Laboratory
- Computational Laboratory
- Manufacturing Automation Laboratory
- Microcontroller & Microprocessor Laboratory
- PLC Training Laboratory

Each laboratory has a senior faculty In-charge, assisted by a lab engineer or a junior lecturer with a dedicated lab assistant and lab attendant