Student Facilities

Providing top-notch academic facilities is central to UET's policy. Our relevant and state-of-the-art curricula are fully supported with appropriately trained faculty and administrative staff, working with well-equipped laboratories. In addition, there are the following educational support facilities that add another dimension to the learning cycle.

Central Library

UET has a central Library which caters to the learning needs of the students and faculty. The Library offers facilities to students to access electronic journals under "Digital Library Programme", an HEC funded project for public and private universities. At present there are 14,0000 reference books available in the Library. All text books are issued to students for the duration of their study. Except for reference books, all other books and magazines can also be borrowed.

Health Care Services

Students requiring medical attention are referred to the Lady Reading Hospital, Khyber Teaching Hospital and Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar. Medical treatment to students is free, and so is the ambulance facility to and fro.

Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Council helps students in all affairs, including academic, recreational, co-curricular and extra-curricular. It "councils" students to develop intellectual and creative skills. It is headed by the Advisor Student's Affairs, and is a sounding-board for student concerns and suggestions.

Computer Services

All our students have access to high-speed computers and the internet. UET is one of the first public sector universities which is introducing "video conferencing". All campuses are computer-linked through a high-speed broadband intranet/internet connectivity. Students can access the internet for research, and download more than fourteen thousand technical journals from the Digital Library.

University Workshops

The university workshops have extensive equipment serving a broad range of requirements, from heavy engineering applications to small-components shops. It provides ample opportunity to engineering graduates for hands-on experience during their academic stay at UET. During the first and second years, the students are familiarized with tools, machines and processes, while during the third and fourth years, they are assigned to work on projects which count towards their final degree credits.
Major workshops include Drafting Shop, Machine Shop, Fitting Metal Shop, Foundry Shop, Carpentry Shop, Electric Shop and CNG Laboratory.

Career Resource Center

AIt is becoming very apparent that accumulation of technical knowledge alone is insufficient for graduates to find good jobs. The Career Resource Center serves as a bridge between the perspective employers and students. It helps the graduating students in the preparation of their CV's, writing dissertations and conducts training in communication skills for students to help them develop their interviewing and presentations skills. It also offers students valuable updates in the latest trends, and identifies careers that suit their qualifications, experience and aptitude. It also contacts industries for short term placements of students.

University Transport

The Transport Section provides pick-and-drop services to students and faculty members of UET. It has large pool of buses, mini buses and pick-up trucks. Students interested in availing the facilities must register their names at time of admission. Ambulance service is also provided in case of emergencies. And all official trips by faculty and students survey camps and field trips are arranged by the Transport Section.

University Publications

Media and Publications Directorate provides news and information to UET community, and to the public regarding latest developments. It publishes "UET Newsletter", a quarterly publication, Prospectus, departmental profiles and annual reports. These publications are sent to universities, industry, HEC, foreign universities, and other development partners.

Board of Advance Studies and Research (BOASAR)

At UET we recognize the singular importance of research, and hence are playing a vital role in research and development. A separate statutory body called "Board of Advance Studies and Research (BOASAR)" has been working successfully since 1990. BOASAR brings together faculty and postgraduate students in a creative environment, where research ignites laboratory based practice and experimentation. Presently research activities are revolving around the areas including mechanical design, design of earthquake-resisting structures, mining techniques, processing of low grade industrial minerals and metallic ores, environmental management, water resources management and application of computers in engineering.

Advanced Technical Research Resource Center

UET attaches great importance to research in education. Funded by the HEC, the Advanced Technical Research Resource Center is working effectively to boost research. The project approved with a capital cost of Rs: 37 million has equipment worth Rs:30 million, software worth Rs:4 million, and a multimedia center worth Rs:3 million.
We have imported a Rapid Prototyping Machine (VANTAGE) from USA, with built product size 14 inches x 10 inches. The machine can "import" 3D models from CAD software, and develop a prototype model in a few hours. To facilitate "reverse engineering" the center has acquired a Minolta 3D scanner, which can take three dimensional pictures of any product, and produce a CAD model with desired dimensions, using laser-triangulations technology.
The Center has powerful CAD computers and "Pro-Engineer" software to help the industry with product design and development. The industry has shown keen interest in the use of Rapid Prototyping Machine and 3D Scanner. This equipment is available in only a handful of organizations, and in only two that are in the public domain.