Central Library


Central Library University of engineering and technology Peshawar was established in 1980. It is Located in new academic block of UET Peshawar. It covering a wide area and consists of two story building. It provide the latest and most relevant knowledge available together with helpful, friendly service. Users include teachers, students, researchers, and the general public. Available for their use are books, periodicals, literature, and publications of national and international institutions, organizations. The central library has upgraded in the year of 2014-15 keeping in view the need of modern scientific and technological era.

Library Collection

The University of Engineering and Technology Library is considered the center of intellectual resources of the University. It receives publications on reciprocal basis from organizations both in Pakistan and abroad. At present the library has a total collection of 175000. Which facilitate various fields of Engineering, allied science and modern technologies. The Entire Collection of the Central Library is herby arranged in classified order.

Books = 175000
Journals = 2000
Rare Books (Encyclopedias,Dictionaries, maps etc.) = 1000

Library Sections

1. Acquisition Section
This section is responsible for the procurement/purchase of new books and other publications published in Pakistan and other countries. Books, etc. are selected by the Faculty Members with the consultation of the Chairman concerned department and sent to the Librarian for procurement. The order is placed for these books with the books vendors/firms in Pakistan upon the availability of funds.

2. Cataloguing and Classification Section
This section catalogs and classifies new books. Bibliographic sheets are prepared for each book for entry in the database and books are properly labeled and arranged subject-wise on the shelves for the convenient use of the library community.

3. Circulation Section
This section plays an important role as a liaison between the library users and the staff of the Library. It circulates books among the members of the Library.

4. Exchange of Publications Section
This section is obtaining research publications and scientific journals from national and international organizations

5. Readers Advisory Section
This section is helping the students and faculty members in using the Library own collection as well as provides technical help to them in using the online databases and explains to them the searching techniques for using the library resources and online databases.

6. Reference Section
This section contains at least two copies of unavailable books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, maps, thesis, scientific periodicals, yearbooks and annual reports.

7. Serials (Journals) Section
This section is managing for the procurement of journals, magazines and exchange of publications with national and international agencies and institutions.

8. Digital Library Section
The Central Library has an automation and Digital library program(LIMS)+"KOHA" library software which is very essential and useful for the students & Researchers. Further Digital library offers a wide variety of content across many subject areas, especially in Engineering and social science. It acquires integrated collections of eBooks and other content. Digital library continues to add quality eBooks, Research Generals and other authoritative titles to their selection from the world's leading academic and professional publishers, through which students have accessed to a huge amount of research and scientific information available online in E-Journals and publications form.
There are big readings halls on the ground floor and first floor where students can read books peacefully and observe complete silence in these halls.
The central library provides free of cost service of text books to all university students.